I often point out that, in my work, I combine vintage and retro aesthetics with modern times. This is evidenced by the new line of full-circle skirts “Belapudl.” The new skirt model is inspired by the legendary model from the 1950s, the so-called “Poodle” skirts. Most of them were single-color, luxurious full-circle skirts with a striking pattern. The first patterns were that of a poodle, hence the name “poodle skirt.”

With the modern modular model of this skirt, we went a step further and made a great basic piece, which, just like the little black dress, every woman should have in her closet.

The special feature of this skirt is precisely that it is a modular skirt, so by purchasing only one basic model of skirt, you actually get 4 different skirts. How? The skirts come with three packages of changeable details – application and belt. The offer will start with skirts in black and white color and denim, and later we will add other colors and additional sets of applications and belts.

In my work, I communicate and cooperate a lot with women and I see that habits are changing. People are buying more carefully, quality wearable pieces of clothing. They are looking for “value for wear,” i.e., the cost-effectiveness of shopping. Increasingly, women are careful with their purchases and do not clutter their closets with excess clothing that they do not wear, but look to buy a piece that will be able to wear more than once, and with all this they do not want to look the same all the time. Therefore, I am not surprised that my clients have already pre-ordered the first Belapudl skirts and are eagerly waiting for us to start selling them. It turned out that it was with this model that I guessed what a modern woman is looking for.

Models: Betty & Vibela
Photo: Dorka