Vibela Design

A fashion brand that combines vintage and retro aesthetics with modern times. We make only hand-made limited edition and unique products. In addition to recognizable creations for women, we launched the children’s line Vibela Kids, cloth bags and aprons under the name Vibela Home.

Ivana Filipović, DESIGNER

Vibela was created as a result of my great creative energy, love for retro and vintage fashion, design, sewing, handicrafts, and clothes with a story. My goal is to make every woman feel feminine, desirable, and unrestrained in the clothes I design. I primarily design what I like to wear myself. I believe that my designs can be worn by all women who love and accept their femininity, regardless of their clothing size and age.

I’m mostly excited about designing for girls. My dream is for at least one of them to preserve my work as a keepsake and a favorite childhood garment, just as I have kept my “spinning skirt” for almost 40 years.

I personally support the so-called slow fashion, but that does not mean I no longer buy brands present on the market. However, when I do make a purchase, I think and buy only what fits my style. I often buy used and recycled clothes and shoes. When shopping, I always give preference to small manufacturers and local companies. In this way, I contribute to sustainable development. Reasonable purchases and purchases from small local manufacturers, in addition to the positive environmental impact, is beneficial for the development of the local community and society as a whole. I try to work “waste-free,” so I upcycle the remaining fabrics and make shopping bags, various fashion accessories, and the like. I help the community as much as I can and often participate in charity events because I want to leave behind for my child the best possible world.

My great love are original vintage items and clothes, and it is always a special challenge for me to make improvements to the existing clothing items and breathe new life into them.

My talent and potential were also recognized by the Husqvarnaviking Croatia sewing machine dealership, who have made me their proud ambassador. One of the recognitions of my work was winning the “NMH Fashion” ribbon in the competition for the most beautiful mother in Croatia, where I presented my talent in “design and sewing” and wore my own creations for all rounds.


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